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Traffic info

30.JUL 2020 | 12:33
Kristiansand: Havnegata

Anleggsarbeid i Havnegata/rutebilstasjonen fra 11.08

26.MAY 2020 | 12:51
Agder: coronapandemi

Status for kollektivtrafikken på Agder

04.DEC 2019 | 11:12
Arendal: Hisøy

Veiarbeid på Hisøy/Kirkeveien med omkjøring for linje 103 fra 02.01.20

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New price zones from 1 January 2020

On 1 January 2020, several municipalities will be merged in Agder. For some bus travelers, this means fewer zones and lower prices.

New price zones from 1 January 2020


New zones from 1 January:

From 1.1.2020 the following municipalities will be merged:

  • Kristiansand, Søgne and Songdalen
  • Lindesnes, Mandal and Marnardal
  • Audnedal and Lyngdal

The cost of a bus trip is calculated based on the number of zones one passes. In Agder, one municipality is considered as one zone. 

Lower price on single tickets between Søgne/Songdalen and Kristiansand:

For Kristiansand, Søgne and Songdalen, a common price for a period ticket has already been established. All these municipalities are also covered by the Flexikort product. Therefore, only individual tickets (cash purchases, including "pay as you go" credit and mobile tickets) are affected as a result of changes in the municipal boundaries in these municipalities.

Lower price on single tickets and period tickets west from/to Kristiansand:

A merger of the municipalities into new zones will also affect the number of zones to the municipalities further west. Mandal, for example, will get 1 zone less for Kristiansand which affects the price for both single tickets and period tickets. The municipalities west of Lindesnes will have a further 1 zone reduced to Kristiansand and 1 zone fewer between, for example, Lyngdal and Mandal.