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Traffic info

05.NOV 2019 | 14:00
Kristiansand: sentrum

Rutebilstasjonen: omlegging til permanente holdeplasser 11.11

12.SEP 2019 | 12:59
Tvedestrand: Laget

Lagveien stenges helt – omkjøring for linje 154 fra 17/9:

22.JUL 2019 | 12:00
Lyngdal-Flekkefjord: E39

Fra skolestart torsdag 15. august blir E-39 igjen stengt pga tunneloppgradering mellom Feda terminal og Pit-Stop på Kvinesheia. All trafikk går via Liknes og Utsikten (på gamle E-18).

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Easy bus travel guidelines

Easy bus travel guidelines

Travelling on local buses in Agder

Easy bus travel guidelines


Easy bus travel guidelines

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 Note! App is only available in Norwegian.


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Advance payment with the AKT Billett app gives you a 40% discount on single tickets for children, adults and seniors – throughout Agder. Click here for more information about using the AKT Billett app.

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