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Traffic info

26.MAY 2020 | 12:51
Agder: coronapandemi

Fra 27.05: Linje 200, alle avganger fra Kristiansand-Farsund har ingen avstigning før Føssa bru (holdeplass etter Tangvall E39).

11.MAY 2020 | 07:48
Kristiansand: Lund

Omkjøring via Industrigt for linje 13 og 15 til 11.06

19.FEB 2020 | 11:49
Lyngdal-Flekkefjord: E39

Fra 02.03 kjøres alle avganger mellom Flekkefjord og Lyngdal via Liknes grunnet oppgradering av tunneler langs E39.

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CORONAVIRUS: Status for public transport in Agder


Information in Norwegian

Travel advices for public transport in Agder

In order to support vital social functions, AKT maintains service operations at highest possible level at the present time. Therefore, in order to keep public transport running, we want to limit the contact between passengers and drivers as much as possible. We assess the situation at Agder day by day, hour by hour. To reduce the risk of infection, daily cleaning on board the buses at Agder is sharpened. Frequent washing of contact surfaces is the highest priority. Remember that even though we reinforce cleaning routines, it is important that everyone follow the Norwegian health authorities hand and cough hygiene routines.

Status for public transport in Agder

As of 11.05.20

  • In Kristiansand buses resume ordinary timetables. The "green marked departures" in the paperversion of the timetables run as scheduled. 

As of 27.04.2020

  • Schoolbuses in Agder resume ordinary timetables
  • AKT customer centres resume ordinary opening hours
  • Reduced service (according to "summer route plan") will be introduced in the Kristiansands area (Boreal) from Monday 30.03.20 until further notice
  • Boat routes Kristiansands area: The maximum permitted number of passengers per trip,on HANNIBAL (Søgne) are 10 passengers, and on ODD (Randesund) are 7 passengers.
  • Airportbuses to/from Kjevik - Kristiansand are suspended until further notice (marked FLY in travelplanner).
  • We close the front door and the two front row seats on all buses.
  • Cash payments on board are now stopped for the sake of both passengers and drivers.
  • All night buses in Agder are suspended until further notice (marked N in travelplanner).
  • To limit the congestion on buses, passengers should make sure to keep a good distance from their fellow passengers / driver on board the bus. The bus driver determines when the bus is full according to this criterion, and will drive past subsequent stops until there is room for more passengers.
  • Boarding only with pre paid tickets. Be sure to have a valid ticket before boarding - this will minimize direct contact between driver and passenger. This means that passengers cannot update period tickets / FlexiCards via the driver or buy tickets in cash or with a debit card on board.
  • Pre-purchased ticket can be purchased in the mobile ticket AKT Ticket. If you have a bus card you can update period tickets / Flexikort in AKT Nettbutikk

Seating arrangements

Recommended seating arrangements are described in the illustration. Seating is allowed in seats with green marking. Note that there might be differences in the design of buses which travel in Agder. 

Due to distance requirements, there will be limited capacity on the bus lines, see illustration below. The exact seat location will vary from bus type to bus type. Passengers should sit at least one seat apart. On a bus with four seats per row, one passenger sit by window on one side and one passenger at aisle on the other side. Passengers should not sit directly in front of or behind each other, and no one should sit in the front row. Family members traveling on the same bus can sit together. The picture below shows how passengers should sit in relation to each other in order to achieve the greatest possible distance on board.

General advice

  • Show consideration to fellow passengers
  • Keep distance
  • If possible, please travel outside peak-hours
  • If you are sick or feel ill, please don’t use bus,

More information on coronavirus from Norwegian Institute of Public Health here

Habits which help prevent infection

  • A paper tissue over your mouth and nose protects others when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue  away immediately. Then wash your hands.
  • Use a flexed elbow when you cough or sneeze and do not have a tissue handy
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and often, particularly when around other people.
  • Hand disinfection with alcohol-based products is a good alternative when you are unable to wash your hands, for example when you are travelling

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