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Traffic info

05.NOV 2019 | 14:00
Kristiansand: sentrum

Rutebilstasjonen: omlegging til permanente holdeplasser 11.11

12.SEP 2019 | 12:59
Tvedestrand: Laget

Lagveien stenges helt – omkjøring for linje 154 fra 17/9:

22.JUL 2019 | 12:00
Lyngdal-Flekkefjord: E39

Fra skolestart torsdag 15. august blir E-39 igjen stengt pga tunneloppgradering mellom Feda terminal og Pit-Stop på Kvinesheia. All trafikk går via Liknes og Utsikten (på gamle E-18).

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Here you will find line maps, bus stop maps and a zone map for bus services in Agder. Just choose the area you need more information about. Please note that the maps do not cover temporary line changes and traffic deviation due to roadworks, detours, etc.




Line map (PDF)

  • Kristiansand area (from  August 2019 – Kristiansand, Søgne, Songdalen og Vennesla)
  • Agder (Agder counties line map, for details see line map for the Kristiansand area, and Arendal)


Bus stop map (PDF)


Zone map for Agder, ticketing (PDF)

A new zone system was introduced for the whole of Agder on 16 October 2017: 1 zone = 1 municipality. I.e. a total of 30 zones in Agder. A new fare calculation system will also be introduced where you pay for maximum 6 zones with a single ticket and maximum 3 zones with an adult period ticket. See PDF-file under – or read more here!

PLEASE NOTE! Each text box on the map represents one zone/municipality. Follow the lines on the map, and remember to count both departure and arrival zones. You only pay for the alternative with the lowest number of zones you cross along the lines in the map (most reasonable alternative). For single-ticket journeys, 1 zone = 1 municipality. The one-zone system for journeys within the Kristiansand area does not thus apply to single tickets.