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Traffic info

27.NOV 2020 | 15:31
Arendal: Hisøy

Veiarbeid på Hisøy/Kirkeveien med omkjøring for linje 103 fra 02.01.20. Normal trasé fra 07.12.20

19.NOV 2020 | 14:55
Kristiansand: Henrik Wergelandsgt

Henrik Wergelandsgate stenger for trafikk lørdag 21.11

15.OCT 2020 | 14:21
Agder: coronapandemi

Status for kollektivtrafikken på Agder

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Travel guarantee

Travel guarantee

Agder Kollektivtrafikk has introduced travel guarantee on routes that are operated on behalf of Agder Kollektivtrafikk AS. The travel guarantee is based on the National industry standard agreed between the Public Transport Association (Kollektivtrafikkforeningen) and the Federation of Norwegian Transport Companies (NHO Transport).


Travel Guarantee in Agder

With AKT travel guarantee we are obligeded to do our utmost to ensure that you arrive on time. If delays or other interruptions to public transport nonetheless occur, we will:

  • give you the best possible information about the situation
  • give you information as early as possible about alternative transport/routes
  • arrange for alternative transport insofar as practically possible. 

If we are unable to offer you alternative transport, and if your bus arrives more than 20 minutes late at the bus stop (40 minutes on journeys lasting one to three hours), we will refund documented expenses for a taxi at the following rates:

  • journeys lasting less than one hour: up to NOK 550
  • journeys lasting between one and three hours: up to NOK 825

If you know that you can reach your destination using an alternative service, with or without a taxi, we encourage you to do this.

To claim a refund, you must fill in and send us a travel guarantee form (Norwegian text only) or contact us in writing no later than 14 days after the incident. We will answer your letter as soon as possible, and no later than four weeks after we have received the form. Note that the rates changed on 1 February 2016. On the form the old tariffs are presented (500, - / 750, -), but the application will be processed by the new tariffs.

The travel guarantee applies on routes carried out on behalf of Agder Kollektivtrafikk. Travel guarantee is not valid on night buses, express buses and airport buses.  


When does the travel guarantee applies?

The main rule is that the travel guarantee always applies. If a deviation from schedule is announced in advance or you know or should know the delay is not AKT's fault, we cannot offer a refund.

The travel guarantee does not apply if circumstances outside AKTs control are the cause of the delay or cancellation, for example extraordinary weather conditions or natural events, unforeseen road problems or other traffic-related matters, public orders or prohibitions, strikes etc. Nor does the guarantee apply to indirect losses resulting from the delay, for example that you missed a dental appointment, a business appointment or a flight departure.

Note: It is not possible for our operators at information telephone 177 having knowledge of everything that happens in traffic at any time. Therefore the travel guarantee designed so that it is you who make the decision to use a taxi or not.


Allow enough time for transfers

If you are going to switch lines/means of transport during your journey, you must allow enough time for the transfer plus the time it takes to walk from one line/means of transport to the next. This is not necessary in the case of scheduled bus connections, where the driver is required to wait for a specific connecting service. Please note that it is not possible to reserve seats. Seats are available on a first come basis.


What you must do:

You need as soon as possible, and no later than 14 days after the scheduled bus departure, send us the taxi bill and specify the bus route, time and place. 

The travel guarantee form (in Norwegian text only), along with the original receipt for the taxi, can be sent to:

Agder Kollektivtrafikk, Tollbodgata 22, N-4611 Kristiansand or filled in at the customer center in Kristiansand.

Remember to include the original receipt for the taxi and send the form to us within 14 days.


Please note that you can present an appeal of the case to the National Transport Appeals Board if you and the serviceprovider (AKT) does not agree. The case must be sent the Board no later than four weeks after the receipt of this email / this letter. Information about the National Transport Appeals Boardand you will find on the website: