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Traffic info

21.OCT 2017 | 17:51
Agder: avvik flomsituasjon

Konsekvenser for skoleskyss i Aust-Agder mandag morgen

11.OCT 2017 | 14:18
Kristiansand: Søm (2:2)

Ordinær trasé for M3 fra 14/10, midlertidig trasé for A3 og skolerute 2254 fra 16/10

04.OCT 2017 | 12:00
Lillesand: Jernbanegata

Jernbanegata i Lillesand stenges mandag 9/10 kl 06:00

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Services during summer

Services during summer

If you are travelling by public transport over the summer holidays you may face some disruption due to the holiday service changes. Before travelling, please check our travel planner which is updated with the latest changes.

Services during summer


Most services in the Kristiansand-area and Mandal-Lyngdal-Farsund-area run modified timetables during summer.

In other areas, departures marked "S" (or similar notifications) in the printed timetables will not run as long as schools are closed for holiday

For more information on printed timetables, see here 

Travel planner:

Our travel planner helps you find travel routes and times for public transport in both Agder counties. The travel planner is available on our web site. The travel planner is customized for all screen sizes, and can also be downloaded for free as an app (called “AKT Reise”) for iPhone and Android. In most of Agder, the web and mobile versions of the travel planner (including the mobile app) give you up-to-date real time information for all the bus stops. This gives you a full overview of exactly when the buss will arrive at your bus stop.

Note! App is only available in Norwegian.


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Customer service centres

Our customer service centres are open according to regular opening hours during summer.