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Traffic info

28.FEB 2018 | 15:00
Arendal: Kilsund fv 127

Endringer linje 151 05.03-23.03

15.JAN 2018 | 12:27
Grimstad: Grimstadporten

Rehabiliteringsarbeider i E18 Grimstadporten, stenges fra 17.01-16.04 (åpen i påsken)

04.OCT 2017 | 12:00
Lillesand: Jernbanegata

Jernbanegata i Lillesand stenges fra mandag 09.10. kl 06:00

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Route changes in Aust-Agder 1 January 2018

Route changes in Aust-Agder 1 January 2018

1 January 2018, some route changes take place on the buses in Aust-Agder. The changes include an increased number of departures at peak hours on line 101. In addition, there will be a new timetable in Setesdal, with minor adjustments.

Route changes in Aust-Agder 1 January 2018

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Route changes from 1 January 2018:

Line 100:

  • No local traffic between Kristiansand/Kvadraturen and Sørlandssenteret due to improved offer on line M1 Flekkerøy - Kvadraturen -Sørlandsparken. This will allow a faster travel for passengers traveling the longest distances.

Line 100E:

  • Departure 07:00 Kristiansand-Grimstad changes to 06:55.

Line 101:

  • Increased number of departures during rush hours on the following stretches:
    • Arendal-Fevik-Grimstad: 3 new departures in the morning.
    • Grimstad-Fevik-Arendal: 4 new departures in the morning and 4 new departures in the afternoon.
    • Eydehavn-Arendal: 1 new departure in the morning.
    • Grimstad Nord-Grimstad: 1 new departure in the morning.

Line 170-179 (Setesdal and Åseral):

  • New timetable with minor adjustments