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Traffic info

21.SEP 2018 | 22:17
Kristiansand: Justnes

Linje 12 kjører Ålefjærveien forbi Justneshalvøya inntil videre

21.SEP 2018 | 11:25
Agder: værsituasjonen

Værsituasjonen kan medføre avvik for kollektivtrafikken.

20.SEP 2018 | 15:09
Vennesla: sentrum

Flytting holdeplass Vennesla sentrum nord 24.09 --07.10

All traffic messages
Kristiansand: Road work on Vardåsveien (Søm), updated info 11. Oct

Kristiansand: Road work on Vardåsveien (Søm), updated info 11. Oct

Due to road work on Vardåsveien between Torsvikheia and Torsvikkleiva, the road will be closed for ordinary traffic from 14th August. The estimated duration of the closure is until 13 November (updated info). Ordinary route for M3 from 14 October, temporary alternative route for A3 from 16 October


Ordinary route for M3 from 14/10, temporary alternative route for A3 from 16/10
From 14 October:
Ordinary route for M3 from Saturday 14 October. M3 drive regular route on Søm / Vardåsveien from 14 October, (see deviation in earlier message about roadwork on Søm in the text below)
  • Temporary bus line 3X will be cancelled from 14 October (when M3 drive regular route)

From 16 October:
  • A3 will from Monday16 October drive a new temporary route on Søm / Vardåsveien due to road work in Torsvikkleiva. Expected duration until 13 November.
    • Route to Kvadraturen: A3 will start in Snehvitbakken and drive: Snehvitbakken-Vardåsveien-Lianveien-Lian Ringvei-Strømmeveien-Rona-E18 -Festningsgata - Tollbodgt
    • Route from Kvadraturen: Henrik Wergelands gate-E18-Rona-Strømmeveien- Lian Ringvei-Lianveien-Vardåsveien-Askeladdveien




Road work on Vardåsveien:

Due to road works from August 14th, bus routes and schedules for lines M3 and A3 will change, and a temporary bus line 3X will operate the northern parts of Søm while the road is closed.


M3 and A3 change route on Søm:

From 14th of August, bus lines M3 and A3 will drive a different route at Søm. 

M3 Søm - Kvadraturen -Slettheia:

M3 will drive ordinary route from Kvadraturen to Rona, then a new route: Rona–SømsveienTorsvikkleivaVardåsveienLian RingveiRonaKvadraturen

A3 Søm - Kvadraturen:

Line A3 starts at Torsvikkleiva/Sømsveien on departures to Kvdraturen in the morning. The bus does not stop between Lianveien and Rona, and drives via Dvergsnesveien. The departures from Kvadraturen in the afternoon have their final stop at Lianveien.


Temporary line 3X on Søm (North):

To operate the northern parts of Søm/Vardåsveien, a temporary line 3X will be implemented from August 14th:

3X drives: Rona–Strømmeveien–Lian Ringvei–Vardåsveien–Torsvikheia handel (where the bus turns)–Vardåsveien–Lian Ringvei–Strømmeveien–Rona

Line 3X has good corresponding option with other bus lines at Rona to/from Kvadraturen. All embarking/disembarking on line 3X on Vardåsveien between Lianveien and Torsvikheia handel (Snehvitbakken, Gudbrandslia, Rødhettes vei and Nordlia) only take place at ordinary bus stops in the direction of Torsvikheia handel. On the return from Torsvikheia handel, the bus drives directly to Lianveien (does no stop on Vardåsveien.)

Line 254 (schoolbus) to KKG is temporarily cancelled during the period. Use ordinary buses.

Consequenses for ordinary bus stops


See below the consequences of the restructuring  have for your bus stop at Søm/Strømme. Check against the map.


The bus stops from Strømme Terrase to Lianveien

The route is served by M3 to/from Kvadraturen. Note that the M3 drives to Søm South before Lianveien and Strømme. For local trips Rona–Strømme–Lianveien, line 3X can also be used. Line A3 serves Lianveien, but not Strømme. For local travel from Strømme/Lianveien to Søm South, take the first bus to Rona and switch to M3 towards Søm South.


The bus stops on Vadåsveien North (from Snehvitbakken to Torsvikheia handel)

The route is served by bus line 3X to/from Rona. From Kvadraturen, the bus lines M1, M2, M3, 18, 35, 137 or 139 can be used for transport to Rona, and you can change bus there. Line 3X departs from the turnaround at Rona. Line 3X runs as often as regular M3, but be aware of changes in departure times. In the evenings and weekends there is a correspondence between bus line M3 to 3X and 3X to M3 (the bus waits if minor delays). On departure every 20 minutes, 3X does not wait for delayed buses on other lines.


Bus stop Vardåssløyen nord and Vardåssløyen syd

The bus stops are not serviced during the closure. Use Torsvikheia handel, Torsvikkleiva or line 17, M3 and A3 on Sømsveien.


The bus stops on Vadåsveien South (from Torsvikkleiva to Askeladdveien)

The bus stops are served by lines M3 and A3 to/from Kvadraturen.