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Traffic info

13.FEB 2017 | 15:10
Marnardal: rv 455

Stenging ved Stredefjellet fra 6/2-30/3, endring skoleskyss

30.DEC 2016 | 23:49
Farsund: sentrum

Anleggsarbeid Listerveien

12.DEC 2016 | 15:19
Arendal: Elgveien

Elgveien stengt fra 28/11 – omkjøring for linje 102 Tromøy Vest

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It is that time of the year.....

It is that time of the year.....

If you are travelling when it is dark, it is important that you wear light or reflective clothes or a reflective piece.

It is that time of the year.....


This makes it easier for us to see you - even at the bus stops.

Major difference with and without

Without reflection we are only able to see you first at 25-30 meters, while with reflecitive clothes or reflective piece you are visible at 140 meters, even when driving with low beam. Therefore we recommend you to use reflective clothing or pieces in the dark period.

Do you want an AKT reflective pieceGet it free at our customer centres.