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Traffic info

30.MAR 2017 | 08:45
Kristiansand: Tollbodgata

Grunnet brann i Tollbodgata må det påregnes forsinkelser og omkjøring.

29.MAR 2017 | 15:00
Arendal: Barbu

Vegarbeid medfører periodevis omkjøring Jens Gjerløws vestgående linje 101, 102 og 103

23.NOV 2016 | 00:00
Arendal: Elgveien

Elgveien stengt fra 28/11 – omkjøring for linje 102 Tromøy Vest

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AKT on Google Maps in real time

AKT on Google Maps in real time

Passengers of AKT buses will be the first in the Nordic countries to access real-time service information on Google Maps, thanks to a partnership between AKT and Google.

AKT on Google Maps in real time


Additional information: Real time information is not present in this first launch, but will soon be avaliable.......... 

Google Maps on desktop and mobile now uses real-time predictions to deliver more accurate directions between any two places in the Kristiansand region, Flekkefjord region and parts of Aust-Agder county, taking into account delays and diversions, with live updates from almost every bus in the fleet. 

Real time provides better and more up-to-date information and gives you a better overview, thus making it easier for you to travel by bus. Real time provides security and predictability for all bus travellers and is being implemented so that you as a passenger should feel better looked after.


In the Kristiansand area, Flekkefjord/Kvinesdal area and parts of Aust-Agder county, Google Maps gives you up-to-date real time information for all the bus stops. You can easily search for departure and arrival times in real time, giving you a complete overview of exactly when the bus will depart from any bus stop.

Complete information on

Complete information about public transport in Agder is available here on our website – including our travel planner (that helps you find travel routes/times), price information, webshop etc. The travel planner can also be downloaded – for free – as an app for iPhone and Android. (Note! App is only available in Norwegian text.) You can also check prices and find out which travel card (bus card) is profitable for you. If you have AKT travel card, you can update this in our webshop.

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