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Traffic info

29.MAR 2017 | 15:00
Arendal: Barbu

Vegarbeid medfører periodevis omkjøring Jens Gjerløws vestgående linje 101, 102 og 103

27.MAR 2017 | 15:44
Kristiansand: Strømme

omkjøring linje 18 Dvergsnesveien fra 29/3 16:00-30/3 07:00

31.JAN 2017 | 11:20
Marnardal: rv 455

Stenging ved Stredefjellet fra 6/2-7/4, endring skoleskyss

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Time schedules/Time tables

Time schedules/Time tables

The time tables are divided into geographic areas and types of route, and provide a comprehensive overview of public transport in both Agder counties. The time schedules are downloadable in PDF format. They are also available at our customer service centres and on buses. The time schedules are sorted by geography.

Please note! The time schedules are only available as PDF's in Norwegian. For English information, please use the english web version of the travel planner. For other information please call our customer service centre, tel. 177.

To view and download the time schedules as PDF's in Norwegian,
follow the links below to the Norwegian site for the geographic areas:



Rute = Line number / Gyldig fra = Valid from