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AKT webshop

AKT webshop

Update your travelcard in our webshop! All of AKT’s age-specific periodic travelcards (with the exception of certain categories of the adults card) can be updated in the online store, along with Flexicard and 24-hour ticket can also be updated. Pay-as-you-go credit can also be topped up in the web shop. You pay via credit card (VISA/MasterCard). After your online-purchase, your travelcard will be ready for use on the bus the next day from 05:00, but we still recommend that you top up a few days before the card expires. Only passengers with AKT travelcards can update their products in the webshop.

AKT webshop


For those with AKT’s travelcard
- go directly to the webshop here:




You need an AKT’s travelcard (bus card) to be able to use the online store. Note that you cannot update travelcards from Aust-Agder county council in the webshop. Once a user account has been created, the account must be used within 48 hours of receiving the confirmation message.


1. Create a user account

  • Register as a user and create a user account:
  • Choose a username and password when establishing your user account.
  • Terms of use for internet-purchases must be read in order to proceed.
  • You will receive an e-mail with a link to activate your account. Activation must be done within 48 hours from receiving the e-mail link.
  • When you have activated your account via email, you can log in with your username and password.


2. Log in

  • Log in to the webshop with your username and password.
  • Your user account may include several travelcards (bus cards)
  • Each registered travelcard can be given names or other text, so that you can easily identify the different bus cards you have linked to your account.


3. Buying a product

  • Choose which travelcard (bus card) the product is to be added to.


4. At the completion of payment

  • At the completion of the payment you should come back to the page that says "Your purchase has been completed".
  • If this does not happen, it is very likely that the product update/purchase has not been registered in the webshop. The payment transaction will seem to be completed, but the amount is only reserved and will not be charged. The amount will be released after a few days according to the bank’s procedures.

If you are doubt about the registration and completion of the purchase, you can return to the menu "Last activity" in the webshop. If the order is not registered here, the purchase was not executed/completed and hence the products will therefore not be delivered.


5. From the webshop to the bus the next day

  • Every morning at 05:00, a message from the webshop is sent to the ticket machines on board the buses. This message tells the machines which travelcard-products were purchased in the online store the previous day. In order to make absolutely sure that the message is received in time by all ticket machines, we recommend that you always update/top up the card in the webshop a few days before your travelcard-product expires. You will not lose any remaining days/travels by updating your card before expiration.
  • When you get on the bus, hold the travelcard over the scanner for approximately one second, so the product can be loaded onto the card. While this update is taking place, the scanner's display will show the text "Oppdatering fra web" (Update from web). Once this operation is completed, you can use the travelcard as usual.


  • Transactions made via AKT’s webshop follow all safety instructions in relation to e-commerce.
  • You are authenticated in the online store with a username and password.
  • Once the account is established, a confirmation message is sent to your e-mail. 
  • Activation must be done within 48 hours from receiving the e-mail link.
  • Only your purchases/transactions are registered in the webshop, not the usage of your travelcard.
  • Payment is made through PayEx, Teller and the credit card companies, and follows their strict guidelines. Settlement of the sale is sent to an own account with AKT.
  • The webshop is a project under development, and therefore changes and adjustments may be made that affect the features/setup for the online store. At the moment, only an AKT’s travelcards (bus cards) can be updated in the webshop.



Below you will find the terms and conditionsfor the webshop belonging to Agder Kollektivtrafikk AS (AKT). Read this if you have not used the online store before. In order to complete purchase in the webshop, you need to tick a box stating that the terms and conditions have been read and understood.


Product information

The products sold in AKT's webshop are electronic travel passes. The electronic travel pass is attached to a travelcard from AKT and will be activated when the travelcard comes into contact with a scanner that has been updated with information about your purchase. You need to be in possession of an AKT travelcard (bus card) to use the online store. Travel passes that can be purchased are 30-day periodic travels cards with predefined geography for children (4-15 years old), youth (16-19 years old), young adults (20-29 years old), adults (30-66 years old) and concessionary (67 years and older). In addition, it is possible to update the Flexicard with 10 or 20 trips for the Kristiansand area.



All prices are in Norwegian kroner and are shown both including and excluding VAT. Total cost of the purchase will appear before confirming the transaction. Prices are according to the current tariff regulations. AKT is the fare authority and the price will be changed if fare regulations are modified.


Terms of sales and delivery

Dispatching orders: All orders will be processed automatically by the ticketing system. On completion of the purchase, your order will be placed ready for distribution to the ticket machines.

Delivery: Distribution of the order to the ticket machine occurs once a day and starts at 05:00. A purchase will therefore normally be available the next day. The order is entered into the travelcard when the card is in contact with a ticket machine/card scanner. The order is considered delivered when the product is updated/entered in the travelcard. If the order has not been retrieved and entered in the travelcard within 6 months after the purchase has been completed, the order will be cancelled.

Payment: Payment is made in the webshop. Transactions are handled by PayEx, who offer a secure online payment solution for VISA and MasterCard/Eurocard. All your credit card information is stored according to the credit card companies' regulations. Payment card details will not be stored in the webshop.


Right of withdrawal

For periodic travel products, the customer will have the right of withdrawal for 14 days from delivery, i.e. when the product is entered in the travelcard. The right of withdrawal no longer applies if the product has been used. If there are other products on the travelcard, this will occur simultaneously when the product is entered into the card. To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must give notice to AKT by the deadline. To refund the purchase, the buyer must meet up at one of AKT’s customer centres along with his or hers travelcard.

Refunds: AKT’s refund policies are currently only available in Norwegian. You will find them on our website under “Kundeservice” and “Regler og rettigheter".

Claims: If the product is defect, you need to make your claim in writing (email or letter) within a reasonable time period, after you discovered it. You will then receive information on what to do next. The rules on making a claim are written in “Lov om forbrukerkjøp” (consumer law).



We accept no liability for any misprints regarding prices and information about goods and services in the webshop. It may occur that some ticket machines are not updated with the latest product purchases. Circumstances that AKT cannot influence, such as third-party errors when transferring data or transactions, may affect the delivery of the order. In known error situations, we will inform about this on the AKT website.