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12.OCT 2018 | 13:51
Vennesla: sentrum

Flytting holdeplass Vennesla sentrum nord 16.10-09.12

16.AUG 2018 | 11:10
Kvinesdal: Feda

Busser vil kun betjene Feda sentrum fra øst

26.JUL 2018 | 09:33
Arendal: Tromøy

Elgveien stenges fra og med mandag 30.07.18 til høsten 2020

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Sales outlets

Sales outlets

At our sales outlets you can purchase and update travel products for the ordinary local buses in both the Agder counties. Remember that a new bus card costs NOK 20 as a one time fee. Express buses may have other sales channels for their products.

Sales outlets


Customer service centres

  • At our customer service centres in Kristiansand, Arendal, Lyngdal and Flekkefjord you can pay with both cash and credit cards.


  • From 6 May 2013, bank terminals on board most buses in Agder was introduced. This means that you can pay and update your bus card and buy single tickets with a credit card (VISA / MasterCard) on board the bus. Remember that purchasing your travel in advance with a bus card or with AKT's mobile ticket app(for the Kristiansand area) is always the cheapest alternative.

AKT webshop

  • In the webshop you can update or top-up your travelcard with your credit card (VISA/MasterCard). After your online-purchase, your travelcard will be ready for use on the bus the next day from 05:00. Your update/top-up is registered automatically when you use your travelcard on board the bus. We recommend that you top up a few days before the travelcard-product expires.

AKT mobile ticket app for the Kristiansand area

  • Our mobile ticket app (called AKT Mobilbillett) makes it easy to purchase single bus tickets (for the Kristiansand area) in advance. You can choose to pay via SMS (payment via telecom operator) or credit card (VISA/MasterCard), which is the cheapest alternative. Note! App is only available in Norwegian.



✔ = First time distribution/purchase/update / o = Update only / ✗ = Not available

Travel products

Customer service centres



Single ticket

Children's card (4–15 years old)


Youth card (16–19 years old)


Young adult's card (20–29 years old)


Adult's card (30–66 years old)


Concessionary card (over 67 years old)


Flexicard, Kristiansand area


Pay-as-you-go credit


24-hour ticket, Kristiansand area


Periodical travel card, Mandal


Periodical travel card, Flekkefjord


Periodical travel card, various areas*

Student card (full time student over 30 years old)



  • *Mandal-Kristiansand,
  • *Flekkefjord-Hidra,
  • *Kristiansand-Lillesand,
  • *Lillesand-Grimstad,
  • *Grimstad-Kristiansand,
  • *Grimstad-Arendal,
  • *Arendal-Lillesand
  • *Arendal-Tvedestrand,
  • *Risør-Arendal,
  • *Risør-Tvedestrand
  • *Birkeland-Kristiansand
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