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Traffic info

15.NOV 2017 | 13:15
Kristiansand: Strømme

Veiarbeid v/Strømme skole 17/11 16:00 - 20/11 07:00

09.NOV 2017 | 11:04
Kristiansand: Møvig

Midlertidig stenging av holdeplass Møvig skole fra 18/9-22/12

02.NOV 2017 | 11:00
Kristiansand: Flekkerøy

Flytting av siste avganger M1 søndager-torsdager 8/10-15/12 (forlenget periode)

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Traffic status and deviations

Traffic status and deviations

Planned and prolonged deviations are marked on map in article (sudden deviations in traffic are presented at bus stop level in our travel planner. Norwegian text only).

Sudden deviations:

Deviations will be presented (in Norwegian text only) when you perform a search to or from a bus stop in our travel planner. Deviations will appear with a yellow symbol, if there is a known deviation connected to the bus stop. See information on how to understand deviations presented in our travel planner here.

Prolonged deviations:

You will find information on prolonged deviations in the map below.

On public holidays buses normally runs on different schedules. Our travel planner is always updated with the correct scheduled times.